You will find following 3 propositions of tours of one day. The departure is from Djerba.

                     1 - One day TATAOUINE

                     2 - One day KSAR GHILANE

                     3 - One day DOUZ

1-One day - TATAOUINE :

Douiret Chenini Ksar Hadada

Departure around 8 O'clock in the morning from Djerba by the roman way.
A stop to admire a little lake.
After you will be able to see the little red sand dunes.
Arrival to Tataouine where you will able to visit the souk.
Then you will visit the berber village of  Douiret
After that you will discover the wonderful village of Chenini.


On the road again to visit  Ksar elferch
Then the Ksar Hadada
At the end, you will discover Medenine (its ksar and its little shops).
Then it will be time to go back Djerba in using the ferryboat.


2-One day - KSAR GHILANE

Medenine Ksar Ghilane Matmata

Departure around 7 O'clock in the morning. You will leave Djerba in using the ferry boat. 
Arrival to Medenine and visit of the Ksar and the little shops
Then, you will discover the mountains of  Beri Khedèche
Arrival to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane.


You will be able to relax yourself in the spring of hot water of  Ksar Ghilane
It will be possible to go for a ride of one or two hours  with dromadaries (not included in the price)
Then you will go in Matmata where you will visit a troglodyte house.
At least, you will go back to Djerba.

3-One day - DOUZ

Tamezret Oasis de Douz Matmata

Departure around 7 O'clock in the morning. You will leave Djerba in using a ferry boat. 
Arrival to Matmata and visit of a troglodyte house.
Then you will take the direction of the village of Tamezret
At least, you will arrive to Douz and visit the oasis and the souk.
After, you will see the big sand dune and you will be able, if you want, to go for a ride with dromedary (not included in the price).


Go back to Matmata
Visit of the old berber village of Toujène.
Then you will go to Medenine where you will be able to admire its ksar and its little shops.
At least, go back to Djerba by the roman way.


This service includes :
   - The driver-guide
   - Lunch
This service does not include :
   - Personal spending
   - Tips

To bring with you :
   - Firstly your good mood !        
   - A chech , a hat or a scarf to protect you against the sun.
  - Sun glasses.
  - Sun cream.